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A Biometric time and attendance system are one of the most reliable systems that has been used to track the workers accurately James Conner Womens Jersey , and hence paid for the correct amount of hours, but also eliminates the factor of "buddy clocking". Each and every staff along with their on-site whereabouts can be recognized, clocked in or out. In order to maintain the confidentiality of the data, all the information is being saved in the numeric pattern.
Below we will be elaborating the various types of biometric recognition that are available to businesses in the UK. All of these biometric time and attendance systems in the UK are considered to be the most efficient and effective systems to manage the workforce.
Face recognition
This software works by identifying the facial characteristics of any of the individual, such as the space between the eyes JuJu Smith-Schuster Womens Jersey , position of the nose, cheekbones, and jawline. The hygienic factor is the unique point of this system as one is not required to touch any device for recognition and identification. This system is very fast and quick and the facial recognition takes place within the time span of few seconds only.
Fingerprint recognition
In fingerprint recognition, one is required to provide the fingerprints to the system and then it will compare the ridges and furrows that are present on an individual鈥檚 fingertip as per their record in a database. This recognition process is also a matter of few seconds and also very easy to use.
Retina and iris scanning
This system is considered to be the most reliable and accurate system to verify the identity of every individual, as none f the two people are having the same iris pattern. Blood vessels at the back of the retina are unique to each individual and are required to be scanned which takes around 15 seconds. One common myth associated with this system is that it is sight-dependent and hence not suitable for blind people T. J. Watt Womens Jersey , which is not at all true. This is the most popular biometric time and attendance system in the UK.
Voice recognition
This system is comparatively considered to be less reliable as the performance of these systems can be hit and miss, depending on the audio quality. The employees are required to repeat the words and the system will match the same as per the records. Any of the employees can easily modulate hisher tone to mislead this system.
Hand geometry recognition
Hand scanners work by taking a picture of a hand after it is placed on a flat surface, with fingers aligned correctly. The resolution of each scanner determines the detail picked up, with 100 dpi being low resolution and 400 dpi, high resolution.

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