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Now that we are officially into 2014 Marquise Blair Game Jersey , it's time to start planning that Grand Canyon helicopter tour. To help you get started in the right direction, I wrote up the top 5 things you need to know.

From Las Vegas

The first tip is that helicopters from Las Vegas only fly to the West Rim. I get phone calls every day asking about flights to the South Rim. If you want that rim, my suggestion is that you take the direct airplane flight there (all of 60 minutes!).

Next is the fact that helicopters are only allowed to land at the bottom of the West Rim. Authorities at the South Rim have banned this due to noise regulations. Thus if you want to get to the base L.J. Collier Game Jersey , you've got to depart from Las Vegas, which is the only place from which bottom-landing trips depart.

Here's another one for you: Helicopters only hold six people plus the pilot. If you're group exceeds six people, you'll be divided amongst aircraft. If that's not plausible Michael Dickson Game Jersey , I suggest you book an airplane tour. Planes can easily hold up to 19 people and thus all the people in your party can fly together.

Window Seats

Then there are window seats. Folks, seating is assigned based on the overall weight of passengers on the flight manifest. In other words, there's no way to guarantee seating. On the other hand Shaquem Griffin Game Jersey , you can request a window seat as you complete your booking online. But even that's not guaranteed (and if you don't get it you won't be charged).

Let's see, that's four key things you need to know. Here's the fifth: Upgrade to an EcoStar 130. Yes, I know they are more expensive but these choppers are the kings of the sky. They feature forward facing Chris Carson Game Jersey , stadium style seats, a cabin that's 25 percent bigger than the average helicopter (important if you're a big guy like me) and a 180-degree wraparound window (ideal for you shutterbugs out there).

Before I wrap, a couple of words about bookings. First and foremost Russell Wilson Game Jersey , please book your tour in advance. During holidays, helicopters can be sold out for days. Rule of thumb is to get your flight situated at least a week ahead of time. Once you've determined that, purchase your trip on the Internet. It's where all the great rates are.

Cold Weather

And do understand that it's cold out here in the southwest despite the fact that Las Vegas sits in a desert. Bearing this in mind Ugo Amadi Limited Jersey , dress accordingly, which means a heavy jacket, hat Phil Haynes Limited Jersey , gloves, pants and some shoes you trust. I usually go the "layers" route, which lets me peel off a sweater or two if I get too hot.

I hope this article cleared the air about some things associated with Grand Canyon helicopter tours. I can tell you from my experience that these are the top questions I get when I'm helping people via email or in chat on my own sites. Understand them and then zero in on the flight that's best for you. And most importantly Gary Jennings Jr. Limited Jersey , do the booking online. Not only will you save money but it's really convenient (and secure!)

Medical marijuana is considered by many as the best substitute medicine in curing lots of illnesses in the entire region. Its medical value cannot be discounted most specially by medical patients who are depending on cannabis to cure their medical conditions. More and more patients rely on the value of this medical cannabis but almost all of them are afraid that the Federal government will lock them up to jail once they caught using this medical marijuana even for curing medical ailments.

The federal government is still against the idea of legalizing this substance that helps cure thousands of medical patients in the region. The feds insists that cannabis is like cocaine so it is not good to legalize marijuana since it has the same effect of cocaine and methamphetamine when ingest. This caused panic amongst medical marijuana users in Sacramento who depend on the affordability and great medical value of the said alternative medicine. Most of these patients have incurable sicknesses but was able to find relief through marijuana. They start to feel good while using cannabis for about a month or two and now that the federal government is blocking the full legalization of medical marijuana, medical patients are starting to get afraid that the cure for their medical problems will soon gone with the wind.

Medical marijuana can be bought legally at any dispensary in the entire region and medical dispensaries sell marijuana very cheaply. But there are dispensaries in Sacramento that have been closed down by the feds because they lack the necessary permit to operate. If you are at legal age and have the necessary documents proving that you can use medical marijuana for your health problems, you have to buy medical cannabis through a certified dispensary to make sure that you are buying cannabis products from a legitimate business establishment and not from illegal sellers.

When you are at a dispensary Cody Barton Limited Jersey , make sure to ask your caregiver about the background of the marijuana establishment you are in. This will help you find out if you are buying from legitimate store so you can avoid being harassed by the federal government of supporting illegal stores selling illegal drugs. Remember that the feds is still against the use of medical cannabis although state policy, medical marijuana is legal as long as it is use for medical problems and not for personal consumption.

Diet pills that work do not work the same for all.

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