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It is time for moderate Muslims to stop hating Jews and stop appeasing and allowing mobs to protect in ignorance the United States of America. It does not serve the Moderate Muslims for their out of hand and problematic fundamentalist mobs to continue to purport misdirection and hate. The educated and intelligent Moderate Muslims are afraid to make waves Zdeno Chara Jersey , yet it is time for them to stand up and say something, as if things get any worse they too will be in jeopardy of losing everything.

I would ask; Why have the Muslims not denounced the International Terrorists? Why have the Muslims not stopped these acts on their own? They are much closer to the problem and perhaps could talk some sense into these folks. Why have Muslims sat by and done nothing to stop these International Terrorist bombings, killings and murderers?

Why is it the rest of the World's problem when one group cannot control its own and actually supports these things? Why don't they [Muslims] take care of their own John Moore Jersey , stop these things and prevent this fringe group from creating a culture clash, which continues to escalate? It is not that the rest of the entire world is against Muslims, it is that the Muslims are not controlling their own and putting an end to these International Terrorists.

The World needs the help of the Moderate Brandon Carlo Jersey , educated and intelligent Muslim population and they need it now. Peace in the world and putting to end this culture clash is necessary now before things further escalate with nuclear weapons in the hands of international terrorists. We must do something drastic now and we need your help. If the moderate Muslims fail to take a stand on the side of peace, the future does not look so bright in the Middle East. Consider this in 2006.

A woman creates life from her womb, and man tries to create life through his machines.

I have always had a close relationship to machines Chris Wagner Jersey , any kind of machine. While I was growing up I tinkered with them, took them apart and explored there workings. I loved them whether they were working or not and to me they were always alive and waiting. I was fascinated at how they where put together and the thought process that must have gone into making sure all things fit together to work perfectly. To me every machine is a symbol of man's genius.

It always stirs some emotion in me to see a discarded machine that was once someone's pride and joy parked in a yard or scrape yard. I have always felt the life that exists in a machine and I have been able to communicate with it. I had names for my cars and machines and an uncommon ability to repair them. I have many times experienced the machines repairing themselves once I got close to them. Many men know this and have experienced a bond between themselves and their machines. Men talk to their machines because at some level they know it has life.

I have always had difficulty relating to the destruction of machines in war movies, and it is often were I am focused while I'm watching one. I can equate the loyalty of a machine with that of a pet Anders Bjork Jersey , it is unquestioned and works on demand.

All of life and so called non-life is made of the same stuff, atoms. Atoms are formed into molecules which in turn create the physical elements that we know. Quantum mechanics and physics have demonstrated that there is communication between the electrons of atoms and between the electrons and the observer of these atoms at a subconscious level. The observer's thoughts can alter the movement of the sub atomic particles that he is observing in a lab, so many experiments must be down several times and often they are inconclusive because of the technician's mental connection to the particles. All physical things communicate with each other and do not remain still at a sub atomic level. At its very basic form Bobby Orr Jersey , all machines are alive and we communicate with them at a sub atomic level.

While women create life from their wombs, man is busy trying to create life and the perfect machine. Man creates and man always tries to recreate himself and improve upon it. He is driven to reproduce himself and he does it physically by building his perfect machines. I believe it may be the female part of him that is driven to reproduce, to manifest artificially what he observes women to do naturally.

In all of history man has not stopped building. He builds he takes down David Pastrnak Bruins Jersey , he destroys, but always he rebuilds. Man has separated himself psychologically from his female self and that which created her and he is unable to experience the actual connection that a female would naturally experience between herself and what she created. I believe that at some level that man desperately wants to feel that connection.

If simple survival was all that man needs, then there would be no real need to industrialize and build big cities with all their machines; but as man is driven to create he must move from the tribe Brad Marchand Bruins Jersey , organize and build; it is the life force that he senses in his machines that moves him to keep creating them. It is the female in him that is driven to create life and it is man's physical way of duplicating what women do naturally.

This is perhaps why we (humanity) are driven to reproduce despite the available knowledge that we have learned from history that we can not keep doing so without suffering the inevitable consequences of overpopulation and non-sustainability. Humanity cannot control his natural urges to reproduce and connect to creation.

Men and women will always couple to reproduce, abstinence and prohibition does not work in our experience. If any one institution has taught us that, it would be the churches. The male will always seek the connection to his female side because he is separated from it. Positive and negative always seeks the connection and must remain separated to find it again.

Humanity will always try to reproduce itself whether it is done naturally or artificially Tuukka Rask Bruins Jersey , life always finds a wa. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping

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