UPI transactions and wallet app based transfers happen

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It is ironic how people often say that they work so hard so that they can have a better future ahead of them without realizing that some of the things that would give them this brighter future are just taken for granted. Take for example Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , long term care policies. Even though it has been said so many times that this is one of the most important investments that an individual can have, the number of the policy owners are still low as compared to the number of those who are still uninsured.

Up to this day, there are still endless debates on whether an LTC insurance plan is really needed and essential for an individual to have. Some say that LTC needs may still be covered and that people do not have to rush things especially now that the economy is still unstable. They also say that there are more important things that working individuals Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , especially the parents, that must be given more priority and allocate heir financial resources.

It is true that there are more important things that need to be given more attention now but if one would try to look at it, purchasing an LTC plan as early as now would also mean that an individual would be spared of bigger financial struggles and worries in the future. Besides Cheap Jerseys From China , insurance companies give big discounts and considerations to those who buy their LTC policies earlier.

Unknown to many individuals, there are certain factors that insurance companies consider when obtaining the rates and prices for long term care policies. These factors can either make an LTC policy cheaper or more expensive. This is why it is important to the public to know these criteria in order to have an idea if they have a shot in getting more affordable rates of their monthly premiums.

Age is one of the most important factors that insurance companies look into before they can give rates for a certain policy. The younger an individual was when he applied or purchased his LTC policy, the higher chances that he would get cheaper monthly premiums. This also applies to the levels of inflation protection that all LTC policies must have in order to be considered valid and authorized. The younger the individual Cheap Jerseys China , the higher level of inflation protection he and his LTC insurance plan would get.

Other factors to be considered in order to have lower monthly premiums include the health condition of the individual at the time of his policy purchase. If he s healthy and does not have serious or major health concerns that need immediate medical attention or treatment, he sure has a good shot of having cheaper LTC policy.

Aside from the person’s age and medical condition, insurance companies also consider the health and medical background of the individual Cheap Jerseys , and also asks the applicant if he smokes or not.

If the individuals meet these factors, then there would be no problem for them to cover and pay for their long term care policies. Cheaper and lower monthly premiums are easier to sustain especially while they are young and have stable and strong financial resources.

>Here are 5 reasons to use apps to transfer money

Posted by nehash141 on April 29th, 2019

With the advancements in technology Wholesale NFL Jerseys , the payments ecosystem has undergone a rapid transformation. Making fund transfers is no longer tedious and time consuming. It is now possible to transfer money not only using internet banking but also different mobile based applications. These include:

Mobile wallet based fund transfer appsMobile banking apps from different banksUnified Payment Interface or UPI apps

Mobile wallet based apps transfer funds to a wallet operated by the customer in the same app. This can be used to pay bills or transfer funds to others owning the same app. Mobile banking apps offered by banks can be used for traditional fund transfers such as NEFT, RTGS and IMPS. These transfer funds to the bank account of the recipient. UPI apps also transfer funds directly to the linked bank account.

Using a money transfer app to send funds has several advantages. It outscores even online fund transfers using internet banking. But why should a customer shift to a money transfer app for fund transfers when there are other modes available?

Here are 5 reasons to use a money transfer app to transfer money:


Using a money transfer app to transfer funds is extremely convenient. With the easy availability of mobile internet and smartphones, many people have mobiles through which they can transfer funds. Using internet banking ties a person down to a location and to a stable internet connection. On the other hand Wholesale Jerseys China , using a money transfer app can facilitate convenient fund transfers wherever the customer is located.

The biggest advantage of a money transfer app is that the fund transfers are instantaneous. There’s no need to wait for transfers anymore. NEFT transactions take a few hours to settle, but RTGS, UPI Wholesale Jerseys , IMPS and app based transfers happen instantaneously.

Cost effective:
UPI transactions and wallet app based transfers happen free of cost for now. NEFT, RTGS and IMPS transactions are charged but the transfer fees are very nominal and affordable. These charges differ from bank to bank.

Secure transactions:
Using a money transfer app is secure. Since most of these transactions are authentication based, they can only go ahead if authenticated by a PIN. Most apps have a robust security procedure in place to avoid misuse.

Multiple bank linkage:
This is an advantage for UPI based apps and wallet based money transfer app where it is possible to make payments from one account and receive payments in another. This makes it convenient to manage multiple fund transfers in one app.

>Every Thing You Must Know to Have a Successful Home Business and Maximize your Profits

Posted by nick_niesen on October 28th Cheap NFL Jerseys Online , 2010

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