WoW: The Darkmoon Fair opened again this week!

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buy WOW Classic EU Gold New month new dark moon fair in the World of Warcraft. At least in Battle for Azeroth you can still visit the festival tents until March 7 2020 activate the useful reputation bonuses try out the new Arcarde games or pounce on all the other activities of the dark moon island.

Yesterday on Sunday March 1st the Darkmoon Fair in WoW (buy now for € 23.95): Battle for Azeroth has started. For you this means not only the possibility - in the coming week - until March 7th at 11:59 p.m. to be precise - to increase the reputation of the new faction agreements of Uldum and Rajani - dark moon cylinders and / or the Buff Jippie! thank you.

You can also jump back at the new challenges of the Mechafun Arcarde that were introduced last month. You will surely know how to get to the Darkmoon Fair: via the portals in Mulgore or Goldhain. The new Arcarde area is directly behind the roller coaster. Turn left onto a small footpath right behind the entrance to the Darkmoon Fair at the information tent. A few meters further on you will enter a small square on the right where you will find Lynnisch Ultrwer the owner of the Mechafun Arcade. Bring a Darkmoon Game Token to try out the new Arcarde games and once you've thrown a token at the console there are six games to choose from.

In addition of course all the well-known activities of the dark moon island are also available. cheap WOW Classic EU GoldYou can earn mounts and pets get old T-sets from the Classic-WoW dungeons for transmogrification and even do something for your crafting skills.

Last but not least a word about the classic counterpart of the Darkmoon Fair. The organizers will be opening their tents in the new Vanilla edition from March 10th to 16th. Then the Darkmoon Fair will take place in Elwynn Forest.

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