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Traditional Chinese Medicine has evolved in China over at least 2 Odell Beckham Jr Inverted Jersey ,500 years, and possibly for longer. Certainly, there is one text in existence ?The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor ?which dates from around 500 BC. Practitioners today use a combination of techniques which comprise Traditional Chinese Medicine and include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, tai chi, tui na (Chinese therapeutic massage) Jim Brown Inverted Jersey , moxibustion, and qi gong, to treat or prevent a wide range of medical conditions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on certain beliefs which include the fact that the human body is simply a miniature version of the universe in which it exists. The five elements - earth, water, fire, metal Bernie Kosar Inverted Jersey , and wood - symbolically represent all phenomena including the various stages of human life. These elements explain how the body functions, and how it changes when it is diseased.

Qi is the vital energy which flows through the body and is composed of two opposing, yet complementary, elements ?yin and yang. When these two elements are in harmony and balanced the body remains healthy. When they become out of balance, the body suffers from ill health. This energy flows through the body in some fourteen channels which are called meridians.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has become more widely used and practised in the West in the last forty years or so. Even 20 years ago it was estimated that in America around one million people attended some 10,000 practitioners in a year Austin Seibert Jersey , and an estimated 3.1 million people used acupuncture in 2006. In the same year, around 600,000 people practiced qi gong ?which is a system of body movement, posture, breathing, and meditation in some ways similar to yoga ?while 2.3 million practiced tai chi. All that was over twenty years ago Sheldrick Redwine Jersey , and the number seems to have increased considerably since then.

It has to be said that rigorous scientific evidence of the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the West is somewhat limited. This is partly because it is based on ideas that are very different from Western medicine and the treatments are very often complex, making it difficult for researchers to study. Most of the research which has been carried out has focused on acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines. Some 70 reviews were analysed and it was found that of this total 19 of 26 reviews on acupuncture and 22 of 42 reviews of Chinese herbal medicine were unable to reach any specific conclusions because there wasn''t enough quality evidence. Another 29 specific reviews found that there were possible benefits but could not reach definite conclusions because of the small quantity of reviews and some poor quality evidence.

Of course, none of this means that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines don''t work, merely that scientists are having a hard job trying to prove it one way or the other. There are plenty of people who have tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs who will tell you that they definitely do work.

Tai chi has been investigated closely, and there is evidence that practicing it can have benefits for people suffering from osteo-arthritis of the knee and fibromyalgia, can help improve stability and balance in people suffering from Parkinson''s Disease Sione Takitaki Jersey , and improves quality of life in people who have suffered heart failure.

Another study covered 29 trials of acupuncture for pain relief ?in particular people with osteo-arthritis, back pain, neck pain, and chronic headaches ?who had better pain relief than those who did not have acupuncture.

Information about Chinese medicine in London is hard to come by, but some is available in the US because of the wider use of Traditional Chinese Medicine there. It is thought that some Chinese herbal medicines may be safe, but others may not Greedy Williams Jersey , as there have been reports of products contaminated with drugs, or not containing the ingredients listed. Some herbal medicines are also marketed in the US as dietary supplements which means that manufacturers do not have to provide proof that any claims made are valid. If they were marketed as drugs they would have to provide proof.

The US Food and Drug Administration approves the use of acupuncture, requiring that the needles used must be sterile, non-toxic, and labelled for single use by qualified practitioners only. To become a qualified practitioner requires 300 hours of training and practical work.

The therapists at Acubody in London use acupuncture, specially selected Chinese herbs David Njoku Jersey , and massage in order to provide relief from a wide range of health issues. Their therapists uses Chinese medicines in London.
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