WoW: Method and limit on the status and future of World First Streaming

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World of Warcraft Classic Gold In a conversation with the Dot Esports website Limit guild leader Max and Method Co-Owner Sascha Steffens spoke about the previous streaming events for the WoW World First Race in Ny'alotha and about the changes that could occur in the future.

For a long time PvE in WoW was an absolute niche in esport. Only with the Mythic Dungeon Internationals organized by Blizzard and ultimately the live streams of the World First Race which was broadcast by the guilds themselves did the non-PvP aspect of World of Warcraft become a magnet for viewers on Twitch. Among other things this was due to the fact that guilds such as Method and Limit no longer simply transferred the perspective of one or more raiders but accompanied the event 24 hours a day with various moderators experts and background information. This gives viewers a better insight into the race and helps them understand why the guilds make which decisions. In addition less experienced spectators get well explained simple facts which makes the events more accessible for players who may have little or no experience in raiding or even WoW in general.

The website Dot Esports recently spoke with Max the guild leader of Limit and with Sascha Steffens the co-owner of Method about the differences and the future of these events. Some interesting information came to light.

Although Method has clearly lost the current race for the World First in Ny'alotha the number of spectators has increased again. That makes Method happy. Because they wanted a tougher competition and at the same time hoped that this would not detract from the audience.
It was also considered whether an event that shows and treats all top guilds would make sense. However Method had tried in the past to put several guilds in one stream which was not well received by the audience. The individual guilds would be neglected which the respective guild fans would not like.
The method contrary to the counterparty limit the communication between the players did not transfer has its reasons and will probably not change much in the future. You want to protect the privacy of the players and they shouldn't have to concentrate on not giving anything that might be against Twitch's guidelines or that might be angry with one of the sponsors. Maybe we will be presented with some communication at future events. Perhaps only in special time windows as is the case in many esport events.
Limit on the other hand cheap Vanilla WOW Gold has decided to transfer all communication and will continue to do so. This not only gives a deeper insight but also makes event planning easier. Because in this case there is less time that has to be filled by moderators or by other things.
However neither team can imagine doing without moderators. These would give viewers a much better view of the race than players could ever do during the stream. This is especially true for the type of viewer that is not itself involved in mythical raids.
A not insignificant factor are also the sponsors whose advertising can be better presented by the moderators and who ultimately provide a major part of the financing of such an event.
In addition both sides agree that the events are far from perfect. Therefore both guilds are working in the background on how to offer viewers an even better experience - without giving away plans or details for upcoming events.

What do you think about the World First Race and the broadcast - did you like to watch or are you not interested at all? What can the guilds do better in your eyes or what should they leave in the future?

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