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The History of Workforce Management Business Articles | June 25 Mix Diskerud USA Jersey , 2012
Workforce management (WFM) solutions are increasinglybeing used to make smart decisions to deal with change. With innovations intechnology, workforce management solutions can now support and augment thebusiness intelligence of the companies

In everyorganization, the human resource (HR) department is constantly involved in dealingwith change; from personnel to regulations and expectations. Workforcemanagement (WFM) solutions are increasingly being used to make smart HR decisions to deal withchange. Many organizations use payroll, benefits administration HR managementsystem and service delivery functions. With innovations in technology, workforcemanagement solutions can now support and augment the business intelligence ofthe HR function. This detaches the HR professionals to concentrate on othercore activities Miguel Ibarra USA Jersey , while software paves way for sophisticated transactionprocessing and service delivery.

Today, itis easy to find some companies that still have the manual and decentralizedprocess. WFM of the previous era greatly impacted the consistency and qualityof customer service, and control over labor costs and compliance. With thevarious departments in the organization such as merchandising, production, andmarketing using different communication tools Michael Orozco USA Jersey , it is easy to have mismanageddata and clutter.

WFM systemstoday not only are used for time and attendance but also facilitate scheduling,customer relationship management (CRM), payroll and benefits, career andsuccession planning, workload planning and more. These solutions are on-demandand on-premise. All the steps in the employee lifecycle Michael Bradley USA Jersey , from recruitment tohiring, from task management to retention, are the minute details of themanagement software. When these are handled properly, companies can not onlydrive labor costs down, but at the same time push productivity and customersatisfaction in the positive direction.

A few areaswhere workforce management has created an impact include:
Timeand Attendance
In theearly years Matt Miazga USA Jersey , time clocks also known as a punch clock, clock card machine ortime recorder, were used for tracking the number of hours an employee worked ina company. Using the mechanical time clock, employees would dial in their employeenumbers and their entry and exit time along with the date, and these were printedon the timesheet. This information was used to calculate the number of hours anemployee worked each day Matt Hedges USA Jersey , along with the employee?s pay. Today, time andattendance information is noted through automated data collection methods, fromadvanced biometric time clocks to web entry solutions that can be customized forspecific workplaces.
Leaveand Absence Management
Previously,employee absence and leave were handled by an internal team, reserved for leaveadministration or outsourced to a vendor specializing in such services. But now Matt Besler USA Jersey ,advanced WFM systems have the capabilities of aiding the HR in leave determination,employee availability and other related functions. This not only serves as anefficient and cost-effective method of internal absence management, but alsoproduces trend reports and analytics.
Forecastingand Scheduling
Employeefatigue is an important concern that can affect the productivity of the workforce, because it wouldcause employees to commit mistakes, be stressed and even result in employeeturnover. With a WFM system that considers forecasting and scheduling Lee Nguyen USA Jersey , HR canprovide decision support so that work can be planned for a well-restedworkforce. Thus, a scheduling system that takes into account shift schedulesand employee skills is an innovation in today?s WFM system.


WFMtechnology aims to create a balance between the available organizationalresources and requirements, so that a high level of customer service isachieved with low staffing expenses. Workforcemanagement (WFM) software is more than traditional forecasting andscheduling and has evolved into areas that have a significant impact on your business:employee self-services, training management, performance management Landon Donovan USA Jersey , HRadministration, payroll and benefits and more. WFM tools can be applied to bothonsite and offsite locations and on all types of employee categories.?
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