How an epidemic in World of Warcraft can inspire us to fight corona

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Vanilla WOW Gold With the corona crisis we are facing an unprecedented challenge. At least in the real world. World of Warcraft faced a similar challenge before when a virtual virus took over the online game world.

We all know World of Warcraft an MMORPG that is one of the best known in its genre. In any case real gamers have ventured into the 14-day trial to see what makes it just as good. The game has been around for a long time but in 2005 things went wrong for a while.

the 13th of September. The year 2005. A new patch rolled out on the WoW servers. Patch 1.70 was installed for everyone who wanted to play it. This brought something new: a new raid. Top level players got excited finally a new adventure to experience. Time to put together a team to overcome that raid and all its treasures!

The raid took place in Zul’Gurub an abandoned city where the Trolls breed settled. cheap Vanilla WOW Gold A Troll still used the city as a place for his dark rituals. Hakkar the Soulflayer - an ancient God - was summoned by the Troll. Your job as a brave hero was to send the Soulflayer back to the world he came from.

Hakkar even received a famous card in Hearthstone. You see that there is talk about Corrupted Blood because that was the greatest characteristic of this old God. Hakkar brought with him a debuff: Corrupted Blood. Players who fought against him were "infected" with this debuff. This caused about 200-300 damage per second. No problem for players who were on the level cap at the time. For new players? Well they were dead in a second ... But why worry about that? No new player could do raids immediately. Before that you had to pass a certain level. And certainly for this brand new - and at the time also the most difficult - raid there was!

Corrupted Blood was a debuff that could be spread. Suppose the tank a warrior got it he could also pass it on to his fellow players. Healers could easily destroy this debuff so that wasn't a problem either. The problem was with the Hunter class.

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