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Background: A low cost, virtual reality system that translates movements cheap osrs gold of the hand, fingers and thumb into game play was designed to provide a flexible and motivating approach to increasing adherence to home based rehabilitation. Objective: Effectiveness depends on adherence, so did patients use the intervention to the recommended level. If not, what reasons did they give? Design: Prospective cohort study plus qualitative analysis of interviews. Methods: 17 patients recovering from stroke recruited to the intervention arm of a feasibility trial had the equipment left in their homes for eight weeks and were advised to use it three times a day for periods of no more than 20 minutes. Frequency and duration of use were automatically recorded. At the end of the intervention, participants were interviewed to determine barriers to using it in the recommended way. Results: Duration of use and how many days they used the equipment are presented for the 13 participants who successfully started the intervention. These figures were highly variable and could fall far short of our recommendations. There was a weak (p=0.053) positive correlation between duration and baseline reported activities of daily living. Participants reported familiarity with technology and competing commitments as barriers to use although appreciated the flexibility of the intervention and found it motivating.

Tick the box next to 'Display the Mouse Keys icon on the taskbar' by clicking on it, or press Alt + Y to tick it. A small icon will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen to remind you that Mouse Keys is on. It is also useful because it shows whether the primary or secondary mouse button is currently active.
SpeciesBefore reading on I do have to preface this overview of Species, it is not the next Spore or even a game like Spore but it does cover the evolution process which I really enjoyed to watch and influence. Think of it as an evolution simulator with a huge amount of options rather than an actual game.
Fraser was born in Edmonton, AB and completed his undergraduate training at the University of Alberta studying titanium complexes which mimicked the surface environment of Ziegler Natta type catalysts. He then moved to Vancouver to attend UBC and obtained his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Mike Fryzuk in 2017, with a focus on polymetallic Iron and Cobalt complexes. After briefly working in the sustainability sector Fraser found a passion for distilling and after working as a distiller for just over a year realized that there was a serious knowledge gap in the science behind producing spirits, particularly the evolution of flavour molecules during maturation. When Fraser isn't in the lab (or the distillery) you'll find him crushing weights, quaffing craft brews or playing beach volleyball, often in the rain.

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