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I feel like an idiot because when the doctor said she had a stroke and that she was dieing. I should have realized for the doctor to come up with something like that, they would have to run test. Which they didn't. Only blood work and that wouldn't show up. One of the reasons for my mom to act that way was not sleeping for 4 5 days. She slept while there and she most of got enough slept to think clearly. She's fine and took her home."There is another thing that caused it but that will be in another blog"
Is probably a couple of years worth of battling, Pruitt said. think last year Joe was probably a little more consistent. He a year older even though they both classified as sophomores, but Joe had a redshirt under him. That all Joe does is punt, Paxton does kickoffs and field goals so he has a little more on his plate. I think Paxton has done a good job of trying to tighten down in the punting part and being more consistent. Plays at Neyland
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Chad Lindsey describes himself as a trained dancer and actor, so when the man fell he jumped down to help him because he was to catch someone when they fall, and that this instance is different because this was a photographer, trained to take pictures, not our job to judge his actions, its our job to control our own. explains how quickly you need to act in that moment: have different reflexes and you don know what they are until you are tested. Lindsey points out, don't know what happened, that is a still shot, how do you know how far away he was? notes that our culture now is not always focused on experiencing these kinds of moments as they happen. He says, were lots of people on that platform, and there were lots of people on the platform when I was in the same situation, and a lot of them backed up against the wall or ran for the station door, and our culture is obsessed with proving we were there He says, "we need to decide as Americans, as human beings, whether we are going to be in a moment, or whether we are going to take a picture of it. "

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