Windows 10: optimized disk cleaning, news bar for the desktop

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Windows 10 Home Product Key Microsoft has just released the 19603 build of Windows 10. This preview offers several relevant new features starting with a function for deleting unused files and applications as well as the famous news bar which has been so much talked about since the week. last. Here is a small summary of everything that awaits you in this new build.

If Windows 10 pre-releases follow one another at a regular rate (at least one per week) they sometimes offer some relevant innovations sometimes fixes and new features that go completely unnoticed. The 19603 build that Microsoft has just released belongs to the first category. It offers new features that should make some of your daily tasks easier. We take stock of all these features which should be integrated into a future edition of Windows 10 in its finalized version.

If Windows 10 already offered a feature to clean the hard drive or SSD quickly and efficiently Microsoft is now working on its optimization. The build 19603 of the operating system therefore proposes to take into account the files and applications that you are not using in order to automatically delete them from your disk. Of course Windows 10 will not take the initiative to erase this data without your consent. Enough to save space on the hard drive and clean Windows 10 even more effectively. The functionality is valid both for files stored locally cheap Windows 10 Pro Product Key but also for those saved on your OneDrive Cloud.

One of the big new features in this Build is the new bar displayed on the Windows 10 desktop. We were talking about it a few days ago but it was only accessible to a few beta testers. Here it is available to all users of the Windows Insider program. This bar which is not a substitute for the Taskbar provides permanent access to a news feed from Microsoft News. This free service brings together 4,500 media around the world and allows you to be kept informed of all the news whether general technological political celebrities artistic etc.

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