How much L-theanine should I take?

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How much L-theanine should I take?

Considering that L-theanine 3081-61-6 is not a drug, it doesn’t have official instructions showing the exact amount of it that a person must take. Besides, there’s no conclusive research to establish the right l theanine Nootropic dosage.To get more news about l-theanine powder benefits[/url], cofttek official website is the best place for you.

So far there has not been even a single incidence of L-theanine overdose effects, notwithstanding that people take the amino acid, as l-theanine pure nootropics, in tea or as a mushroom in different quantities.

However, it’s advisable for users to follow the guidelines governing the consumption of caffeine when drinking L-theanine-rich tea. On the other hand, in case you intend to take l-theanine supplement, it important to seek advice from your doctor regarding the right l theanine nootropic dosage for you.

However, in as much as l-theanine side effects are usually mild and rare, studies recommend various doses for different people. Those who are just starting out to use l-theanine nootropic should start with the smallest recommended l-theanine powder dosage and increase the quantity gradually until the desired effects are achieved.

Numerous scientific studies recommend a 100 mg to 400 mg l theanine nootropic dosage per day in 8 weeks for people who want to have improved sleep quality or stress/anxiety relief.

When it comes to l theanine caffeine nootropic, combining 12-100 mg of L-theanine with 30-100 mg of caffeine and taking the combination for up to 5 months might be the ideal dosage.

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