What is CDP Choline Sodium used for?

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What is CDP Choline Sodium used for?

One of the desirable aspects about Citicoline is that there are many Citicoline Sodium uses. The Citicoline Nootropics is used to cure diseases like Alzheimer’s, head trauma, other types of dementia, cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, age-related memory loss, glaucoma, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). The following are the common Citicoline Sodium uses:To get more news about citicoline sodium benefits[/url], cofttek official website is the best place for you.

It may help prevent memory impairment2019 Best Nootropic Choline Source Citicoline Vs Alpha GPC
Citicoline is believed to be effective in Improving memory. Therefore, age-related memory loss, brought about by old age between can be rectified by consuming citicoline. If you have an aging parent or relative whose memory is declining with age, you should consider adding citicoline supplement in his/her diet.

It may help speedy recovery after a stroke
Research has shown that citicoline aids in stroke recovery. If you take the citicoline within 24 hours after experiencing a stroke, you are more likely to recover completely within a few months. This is according to a study that comprised a randomized (3 doses of citicoline to 1 placebo) vehicle-controlled double-blind trial at 21 US centers.

Treatment using citicoline sodium salt was to be started within 24 hours of stroke onset and was continued for 6 weeks. Its outcome assessments were at 12 weeks. NIH stroke scale was used as a covariate. Both the 500 mg citicoline group and the 2,000 mg citicoline group had a significant improvement in terms of the percent of patients who had a favorable outcome on the Barthel Index at 90 days. The study concluded that oral Citicoline sodium powder can be used safely with minimal side effects in acute stroke treatment.

May enhance learning capacity
One of the biggest advantages of supplementing with citicoline nootropic is that it leads to a better functioning brain. It does so by increasing blood flow and the energy production in your brain. Moreover, choline helps to keep the pathways in your brain clear of dregs so that you can recall information faster. This can help to enhance learning capacity in learners.

There are many citicoline sodium benefits to look forward to. The most common benefit is the possibility of amplifying the impact of other nootropics. As a result, many people consider citicoline Sodium powder a definite addition in many supplementation programs.

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