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And, lastly, I want to chide you for calling wow classic gold that group of people that claim that it women that have a higher incidence rate of instigating domestic abuse "these incels". They not automatically an incel because they side with a fact that seems to imply "women are bad," because the vast majority are not trying to imply "women are bad" and are actually just sharing a statistic that might show more support for male domestic abuse victims than what they currently receive right now. Abuse coming from somebody that is supposed to love you is awful no matter who tf is the abuser.

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Just being attuned can get you into raids sometimes, but if you want to keep getting into raids then the next step is your pre bis. You have plenty of time for the details while waiting for groups to fill. Attunements may not take long, but pre bis can be a bother.

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Canada also is very uncompetitive when it comes to top marginal tax rates for both corporate and personal taxes. Sadly, the federal government, feeling obliged to fill its 2015 campaign pledge on tax fairness, has flashed signals that little will be done redress the tax rate gap in its next budget. This is a critical factor clipping the loonie wings now and in the near future..
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