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There were a surprising amount of comments rs3 gold on that other thread that straight up believe that epic would rather do that which is hilariously ridiculous. People actual believe epic would rather give a guy 130k instead of disqualifying him just to "save face". Sure that might not be the craziest thing a company has ever done, but then to invite that person back to the next skirmish and a chance to win more money?? If epic was trying to hide that they know he's a cheater, why would he be invited back to play. People just blindly follow the drama or hate without really thinking about it.

All are easy to understand, no issues.I see people come here from different backgrounds, and they have so much trouble understanding others, it funny at some point.As for my story, 3 generations of us grew up in Saudi, then moved to UAE a few decades ago. Was in to the family business, and then moved to career based, because I was bored.Moving abroad is required at this point to set up a home (and bassbort), but more so than moving back "home", which is not an option.

In addition to being packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, veggies are low in calories and high in belly filling fiber. When they displace other foods, you can drastically lower your intake of caloriesand carbs without sacrificing fullness. For example, trading one cup of cooked rice with a cup of riced cauliflower saves about 175 calories and 40 grams of carbs.

I'll probably be done all in a month then will switch to topic tests for main subjects (Ethics, FRA, FI and Quant) then do mocks. Is this a decent plan? 2 points submitted 1 month agoI am not sure I understand your question. Are you asking whether the qBank, EOCs, etc.

If he didn't know, he's either more narcissistic than I perceive or he's just plain stupid and/or arrogant.Funny thing is Dems don't bow out when they're caught. Repubs take to the hills over the tawdry innuendo. Barney Frank comes to mind a success story despite harboring (perhaps unknowingly) a lover who ran a prostitution ring, etc.To JUST ME: Consider that in 1998, TWO YEARS BEFORE Bush took office, Clinton, Madeline Albirhgt, Sandy Berger were talking about the WMD's in Iraq!! BUSH inherited what Clinton had not taken on 5 times we were attacked under Clinton including the FIRST TRADE TOWERS attack which damaged the buildings but did not bring them down.

The USA made a mistake in 1956, and leading up to that point. OuR RFE and VOA broadcasts were encouraging democratic tendencies in the satellite nations suggesting American support when there was no way we could have done so. USSR had more tanks than any other country and we relied on nuclear deterrence. There was no common boder for us to cross. How could we have possibly airlifted enough troops, tanks and heavy artillery? The resources and airlift capacity simply did not exist. We would first have had to plow our way through Communist Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and neutral Austria. The Berlin Airlift is not an apt comparison we were flying into friendly airfields [West Berlin], and not a shot was fired. Plus, why is no one mentioning what was going on in Poland the same year. The tragedy was that we led the Hungarians to believe more help would be forthcoming than was in any way realistically possible in terms of military and geopolitical considerations.
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