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My main suggestion would be to think about runescape gold adding Ashiok to the deck, and I personally would make sure I have 4 of Ashiok somewhere in my 75 because of how important its effect is. While there aren exceptionally many degenerate graveyard decks to worry about in standard that make Ashiok powerful, there is one group of cards that Ashiok hits really hard and that I expect to see a lot of play: God Eternals. Ashiok is one of the only really consistent ways to get rid of a God Eternal permanently, so I think that it see a lot of play for that reason. Even just exiling your opponents graveyard can be super crippling in many situations. It shuts down Azcanta, can hit a Chemisters or other jump start card, etc. I been trying out 3 of Ashiok in the main deck personally as well as 1 of Kaya, Orzhov Usurper to give me another potential win condition beyond Teferi and Dreadhorde General.

For the (imo) best sniper, go to Old South, use map to teleport to the portal in the north west area, walk south along the western edge and you will find some purple robot guys that drop only the sniper. They are tough and CAN one shot you, so make sure to strafe shoot them. Once you kill them, re teleport to that same portal and they respawn again. You can farm this till you get a legendary with good stats. Then you can look up a guide to upgrade it. For whatever reason, the accessory trait, reduce detectability while crouching will remove all sway while aimed down sights, be on the lookout for that.

Why in the fuck is Towers, one of the most broken cards in the game, now unbanned?! It hasn been power creeped. It still incredibly broken, even more so than most cards on the ban list and especially now that MR4 fucked most of its competition. Why the fuck is it Limited? I can only think they making more Qli cards soon because Qlis with Towers will murder most archetypes.

The amount of resources that colleges (even ones like UCLA) can dedicate towards player development, pails in comparison to an NBA team. Going Pro offers so much more in terms of personalized coaching, nutrition, film study, strength and conditioning training, that a part time student athlete can never expect to get while in school.

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