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I cannot help it. Part of it is that the readership here ranges from somebody I went to high school with, to my mother, to some person who just showed up here for the first time because of a Google search on a totally unrelated topic. So I feel this need to keep everybody up to speed.

There are a number of prominent black Democrats who have expressed disappointment in President Obama on myriad issues from crime and punishment, to education, to his recent support of gay marriage. Many of these same black critics also lament the black unemployment and poverty rates that they believe have not been specifically addressed by the president. The problem, however, is that Mr. Romney is saying can do better without providing any specifics.

Between now and the end of this year, I want to give you some pointers to think about to improve your retirement planning. This information is provided with couples and families in mind but the single person can cogitate on these points for future implementation. Each point is a behavior that is designed to help you, the reader, improve your chances of a successful retirement. The earlier you adopt these points the more impact they will have. I hope you find each behavior discussed of value to . read more

And even though it is sometimes associated with the frightening instead of the funny, Straining has no plans to abandon his makeup. When hedoes apply his full whiteface makeup, it takes nearly an hour. And likemany other professional clowns, hispersonal makeup design is trademarked with Ringling Bros., and is "very much my brand, without a doubt."

The December 1944 German counter attack in the Ardennes that became known as the Battle of the Bulge. Prior to the attack Hitler ordered a total ban on transmitting details of the attack over the radio. Troops were moved into their attack positions under cover of darkness and only a few days before the attack. Even the code name for the offensive was chosen to be deliberately ambiguous Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhine). The Germans also secretly adjusted some of the command structure to disguise the fact the the 5th and 6th Panzer Armies had been assigned responsibility for the Ardennes sector. This all played into the Allies expectation of forces being gathered to oppose an Allied attack across the Rhine.
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