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Wall Street's Refusal to Learn Steve Pearlstein: You rs 3 gold have to wonder what else has to go wrong, how much more wealth will need to be destroyed, before the people on Wall Street get the message that it's no longer business as usual. The latest outrage, of course, is over the $400 million in retention bonuses promised to those financial geniuses at AIG's Financial Products unit last year, months before the insurance giant was essentially taken over by the government in a bailout that already has required an injection of $170 billion in taxpayer money. Washington Post

The winner of the Lecomte and Risen Star Stakes at the Fair Grounds suffered a physical ailment in his last race, the Louisiana Derby, and finished ninth. He has been training well since, suggesting everything is fine, but his biggest obstacle may be the post position. No Kentucky Derby winner has come from the No. 1 hole since Ferdinand in 1986.

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