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You need gold to buy items to help you do your professions runescape 07 gold and to get armor and weapons. You may want to buy items at the auction house, or to get training in your primary professions to raise your skill levels. You also may want to raise your skills in any secondary professions like fishing, first aid and cooking.
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This was unintentional, and I certainly didn't want to disturb the area. It was a mistake. For clarification, I'd like to note that the trail was open at the time this occurred, in mid October 2018, and other vehicles even hikers were on the Yankee Boy Basin road while I was up there.
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I had a few tubes of various other TIMs around BeQuiet's included paste for the H7, and old bottle of Zalman (like.9500AT top of the game old), MX 4, and others. Of those, only the Formula 7 hasn't had any sort of separation or drying out issues. The same tube I've had for about 8 years now, and its still just as good as it was when I got it.
Taxis can take you to further out destinations, but this is not recommended as a one way trip to a popular moai site outside of town could easily run you CLP30,000 or more. Moreover, cell phone coverage is only in Hanga Roa, so you would in fact be stranded unless you make expensive arrangements for the taxi to wait for you, or to return at a specified time. Taxis are a mix of vehicles ranging from new vehicles to old beaters, all at the same price.

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