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TLDR is because then instead of sending several peta bytes of data for tuesdays the bug fixes are cached till their ready to go live. But you are right that sometimes turning off the streaming part of the client can help to.Noo the D3D crashing or failing to zone in players right and build maps goes back to MOP (with pretty hilarius resualts ) I turn of DX12 because that version of the client is a bugy POS even on windows: ever notice how a lot of the forum posts suggest opengl or DX10? that because the DX12 they tried to get to have settings profiles (for example) that cause breakage ( no idea why) oh also turn off anti aliasaising and shadows if you haven already (Oooh good griefe they still haven fixed this bug? To make sure it one of the ones I know about (and probably reported): are you launching the wow client directly through the folder or from the launcher? and have you checked as others have said if the game is streaming (vs fully downloaded) and also check that wine is set to windows10(probably needs DirectX10 or 11 even though through some horrible bad had hackage it using some weird mix of OpenGL and the diablo3 engine now but that another problem)As far as I know their ways to get vulkan working with AMD I just don know the steps, level 1 tech sugested you need to compile it.and also see if changing it to one of these helps:Their a ton different setting you can try to ultimatly what you trying to do is get the client get you zone in, beware most capital cities are pretty terrible for lag Dalar(wotlk version) god awful for that so is the legion version, probably better now with everyone on Kilturis, but still effin bugy.

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