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Then again, a game about looking for a soldier wow classic gold cheap turned cannibal isn exactly Disney material and the awesome vision of Bladerunner would be hard to represent via cartoon. So I guess, we stuck with Disney A Christmas Carol. Coincidentally, the video game will come out around the same time of the Disney film of the same name. Surprise, the Robert Zemeckis flick is arriving Nov. 6. The game is coming Nov. 3. If it didn happen this way, I would expect the apocalypse to be around the corner.

He kicked off the show with a massive, nine minute opening number that served as a full throated endorsement of the live experience, with Corden beginning it seated alone on a couch in front of a TV, overwhelmed by his binge options, before taking flight with dozens of glitzy dancers from this season's shows, all filling the Radio City stage with an unprecedented volume.

Spice Up Your Life Thanks to the dropping of the Mueller Report, everyone totally missed this story, which is at least as important: Spice Girl Mel B (Scary) told Piers Morgan that back in the day she and Geri (Ginger) spiced up their lives by having sex. This is both not at all surprising and totally life changing. It's not surprising because their first hit was about how any potential suitors had to "get with my friends," and it's totally life changing because I've been behind the Spice Girls' brand of bubblegum girl power for 20 years and I wanted to assume that they really did love each other that much and now the last two decades are validated! Also, this supports my belief that everybody is at least a little bit gay. "So what do you think about that? Now you know how I feel." SPICY!

Of the Worlds: Global Dispatches, ed. Kevin J. Anderson (2013): This insanely cool anthology recounts the Martian invasion as it would been experienced by some of Wells contemporaries: Picasso, Einstein, Jack London, Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain and a gaggle of rough and tough Texas Rangers among others. G. Wells estate to write this sequel narrated by Wells Miss Elphinstone and set 13 years after the original invasion (hint: the Martians are back). Though Baxter is a skilled storyteller and knows the original novel well, I found tough to get through: It nearly three times as long as its predecessor; and, in typical postmodern fashion, it treats Wells perfectly likable narrator as an incompetent boob who could not be trusted for correct information.

My problem though, which I going to have to think hard about is how to present Pebble Pad in this light. I think it could be done through the use of the proformas through working with colleagues in the disciplines we can get students to self assess in relevant areas, build action plans and thus get them into the habit of using Pebble Pad for some aspects of their future work, especially around CVs and Webfolios.(Shame about PP blogging tool though it not a patch on WordPress!)/p>
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