Chicago Bears Jerseys Reimagined

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The Chicago Bears have some of the most iconic jerseys in the NFL. The fanbase can be split at times with a large contingency loving the classic look and other sects wanting something different at times. To get more news about bearsbuy.com, you can visit bearsbuy official website.

Here’s a jersey design that should become a reality. The Chicago Bulls have been putting out different styles of City Edition jerseys for a few years now since coming over to Nike. Guess what? The NFL jerseys are also manufactured by Nike, so this Bears concept would have the same “City Edition” idea behind it. The only small adjustment I could foresee is the placement of stars from the Chicago flag on the back of the helmet. Perhaps the helmet could also have a white and light blue finish. Either way, this is a clean concept that has already been applied elsewhere in professional sports.

The Salute to Service has been around in the NFL for a few years now as well. However, teams haven’t actually donned a style of jersey such as the concept shown above. That would solely be up to the team. What makes this uniform fully complete are the helmets again. The slight adjustment for these would be maybe removing the stars from the pants and just going with a strip instead.

Wow, that is a lot of orange. That’s what the color rush is really about, however. The NFL moved away from “making” teams wear a color rush look during Thursday night football games around a season ago, but they still allowed them to keep those jerseys in the rotation if they chose to. The Bears never had anything too crazy; the look was just all blue. This would be totally different. I’m not sure my eyes could take these for a whole game. The jersey itself is really nice, however, as it’s a flip from the 1940s-style they used to wear.

Well, these uniforms could use some adjustments. The grey isn’t the issue, it’s the blue. The first change would be to change it back to the navy blue. Removing the stars from pants again and going back to the traditional strip could be other visual adjustments in this case. Sprinkling in a bit of orange around the sleeves and numbers would add a nice “pop” to the whole uniform and help differentiate it from the likes of the Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers as well.

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