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old school rs gold Clan Cup starts this week, with both Skilling Cup and Boss Cup begin. Get yourself ready for the both competitions in a whole week and win the fantastic prizes. Let's see what are the missions you need to complete and see the challenges.

The Skilling Cup. The Skill for week 1 of both the Skilling Cup and the Iron Skilling Cup will be Woodcutting. The competition began with the system update on the 7th September.

Every player in a Clan may submit 3 sessions per week and sessions are one hour long(game time). Sessions are aborted by logging out. If the weekly skill has changed, and a session is in progress, it is aborted.

Sessions are started via right clicking the clan vexillum in your inventory and selecting "Interact". Sessions can be aborted via the same method. Messages will appear in your chat box detailing how long you have left. The best session of your 10 best players per Clan will be taken and totalled as your Clan's XP score for the week.

What does count towards your skilling session total: Normal skilling in the runescape world or in the Clan Citadel; Use of XP boosting methods such as Clan Avatar/Equipment sets/Reward items;This is not meant to give an exhaustive list but illustrate the kind of XP gain that will count for your session.

Note that use of Brawlers is not allowed. Using Brawlers will result in your session being removed from scoring. Use of the Refer a Friend bonus is not allowed. Using RaF will result in the extra XP gained being removed from scoring during the results phase. Use of Dwarven Tools is not allowed.

The Boss Cup. The target for Week 1 of the Boss Cup will be the Queen Black Dragon. The winner will be the Clan who can kill Queen Black Dragon the most times in a week. You can win a trophy in the clan camp with your clan's name on it, a piece of signed concept art for your 5 most valued clan members, and your clan's Avatar buffed for one month.

But please remember the rules. Kills from players who switch clans during this week will not be counted. Use of insta-kill or Deathtouched darts is not allowed.

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