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Star Wars: The Old Republic always suffers an identity crisis of turning to be single player RPG. Originally, the game leaned more on MMO trappings, but then turned into BioWare style storytelling. With the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, this feature is fully shown with single player RPG design. However, from view of essence, Swtor is still a mmo game and the solo-friendly Kotfe will potentially bring it a greater prosperity.You can buy cheapest swtor credits and enjoy best service on swtor2credits.

KotFE Sync level System does well with solo-friendly story

with swtor kotfe, leveling up a new character now only requires players to complete the planetary arc and class story quests, while the heroic quests are easily accessible in swtor fallen empire through a terminal. Besides, even with single player RPG design, Kotfe does provide good experience with sync level system, which adjusts players’ actual level to be suitable for the contents. So now it is easy to jump into designated group content with anyone to get scaled experience and rewards according to ones’ actual level. You might ask is it worth to build what seems like an actual single player RPG on top of an MMO foundation. In some degrees, the answer would be yes. Swtor players have been clamoring for a KOTOR 3 for many years, but after having played through the whole thing, I’m convinced BioWare Austin can make a success in Kotfe.

Swtor Fallen Empire represents a gripping story

The Sith Emperor (known as Vitiate), who played a significant role in the class stories of SWTOR’s base game, is returning in Kotfe and now appears as a man named Emperor Valkorion. As the result, Eternal Empire is dominating both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. Besides, after being frozen in the carbon for five year, your character finally is freed by Lana Beniko, a familiar ally from Shadow of Revan, who seeks your assistance to take down the Eternal Empire. Looks like a fairly classic Star Wars tale, Kotfe can elevate your experience to a point with the superb writing, characterization, and production values. It’s a gripping story that will hold your attention from start to finish.

Swtor is still MMO with single-friendly contents

Regardless of the result of Kotfe, Star Wars: The Old Republic is still a MMO game, which is always emphasized by Bioware. In fact, swtor features a significant amount of designated group contents, including lots of heroic area quests, over 15 Flashpoints (group instances), and three raids. It cannot be denied with the aim of increasing accessibility, many MMOs have become more solo friendly over the years and swtor is not an exception. Maybe it just doesn’t deserve much crisis. Anyway, there are actually many amazing stories in swtor.

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