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So this wild, ridiculous bet came to pass. The banker, who at that time had too many millions to count, spoiled and capricious, was beside himself with rapture. During supper he said to the lawyer jokingly to your senses, young man, before it's too late.

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As you (most of you?) know, in DAO you have six different origins to choose from: the Human Noble, Dalish Elf, City Elf, Dwarf Noble, Dwarf Commoner, and Magi (both elves and humans can choose this one). After finishing character creation, you get thrust into each of their home environments and get to spend a short time there before (s)he's spirited away by Duncan for the main plot but your heritage never fully leaves you, and you get to return to your roots again later in the game (the Human Noble and Dalish Elf are arguably exceptions, though). Through these origins, we were introduced to six different cultural groups effectively in a single game, all the while working to halt a brutal civil war and an ancient evil on the side, and without a voice in cutscenes to boot (and with an ever present creepy blank facial expression)!.

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