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The early snows fall soft and white and seem to heal the landscape. There are Sewer Cover as yet no tracks through the drifts, no muddied slush in the roads. The wind sweeps snow into the scars of our harvest-time haste, smoothing the brow of hill, hiding furrows and trash in the yard. Snow muffles the shriek of metal and the rasp of motion.

It covers our flintier purposes and brings a redeeming silence, as if a curtain has fallen on the strivings of a year, and now we may stop, look inward, and rediscover the amber warmth of family and conversation. At such times,locked away inside walls and woolen, lulled by the sedatives of wood-smoke and candlelight, we recall the competing claims of nature. We see the branch and bark of trees, rather than the sugar-scented green of their leaves.

We look out the window and admire the elegance of ice crystal, the bravely patient tree leaning leafless into the wind, the dramatic shadows of the stooping sun. We look at the structure of things, the geometry of branch and snowflake,family and deed. Even before the first snow, we view the world differently in winter.

We watch the lawn settle into the sleep of frost and the last crumpled leaf quiver on the oak, and feel the change. At night the skies are cold and clear, and stars shine like the dreams of serpents. The hillsides turn brown and gray; the edges of stalk and blade stand out starkly. Dark clouds settle on the mountain ridges. Storms rumble in like freight trains. Rain rattles the roof and mutters at the window.

Then comes the snow, and we once again wonder at how it transforms the familiar objects of our everyday world. When snowflake drifts the road we head indoors and resign ourselves to the quiet crackle of the wood fire. The example of the woodpile and the well-stocked larder tells us that we can achieve what we dream, and winter brings us long, silent nights to dream on.

Yet I welcome the rain.Seattleites will say they like how rain keeps the http://www.xacasting.com/Product/Manhole Cover/Manhole Cover city green,how clean the air tastes afterwards.My real reason for enjoying the rain is steeped in pure selfishness when it’s mucky outside,I don’t have to do anything.I can spend the afternoon curled up reading,build a fire and make a big pot of spiced tea.I can sleep in late.

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