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<p>Some of the cooler habitats shrank or shifted, but pockets remained. This suggests that plants have the opportunity to shift habitats, instead of just dying off.. WE HAVE A REPORTER TO TELL US EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. YEAH. Fannie Mae shares tumbled nearly 30 percent, while Freddie Mac shares lost about 28 percent.But more broadly, financial stocks are looking cheap right now to many traders, some of whom are hoping that a bailout of Fannie and Freddie would bring at least some resolution to the problems plaguing the mortgage markets. Many banks and brokerages saw renewed buying late in the day.Some stocks had turned higher earlier in the day as well after Fannie Mae Chief Executive Daniel Mudd said the concerns about the company's financial position are overblown."They haven't offered anything and we haven't asked for anything," Mudd said, referring to the federal government in a public radio interview this morning.</p>
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