Mr Oscar Tao helps the young to use internet and study e-commerence in Jiangxi province China

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Mr. Oscar Tao visited the poverty county to make a lecture about his successful experience of being a cross-border business entrepreneur. He hopes that Chinese young people should get motivated and learnt about how to find the road to wealth.
Shangrao, the ancient name is Xinzhou, gets its name from “the rareness and superior wealth”, to have the fame of wealth land, while it happens to be a poverty county.

It is said that under the leadership of the province and county government, Shangrao has been strive to develop its network, e-commerce and rural by-products, and in the next year it will get rid of the name of poverty. To improve the local products sales circumstances, the e-commerce foundation was hereby established, and Mr. Oscar Tao made his lecture right in the e-commerce foundation.
Most of the students attended the lecture were born after 2,000, when they listened to Mr. Oscar Tao, the information they gained was totally obscure. They may not understand or never have heard about cross-border business, as for the countries mentioned by Mr. Oscar, they might only have heard from the Olympic Games. The students can not help to make great applause for the broad range of cross-border business. After that, Mr. Oscar Tao made an introduction for two of his own companies – TOJTO and Amanda Group.
Actually, Mr. Oscar Tao was born here in Shangrao. He was brought up by the land and he succeeded, now he is back to reciprocate. He brought back the most advanced project, which is the global cross-border e-commerce public service platform. He has a great expectation that this project will promote the development of Shangrao , and that the products produced by the local people can be sold to more places.

As the saying goes, there is no story without coincidence. When Mr. Oscar Tao was giving the lecture, the secretary of Jiangxi Province also visited the e-commerce foundation. Yes, you are not misreading, the secretary came to the sight! However, Mr. Oscar Tao was not disrupted at all, he continued his lecture with the hope to spread the spirit and the hope of e-commerce to every students in the room. This is about his persistence and purity, and perhaps can be the reason why he succeeded.
Last but not the least, he was asked to get out of the teaching room, the local government leaders invited him to join the meeting. The leaders attached much importance and strongly supported for the worldwide project, TOJTO cross-border business public service platform. The meeting went on a long time, all the related leaders all showed up and discussed proactively about how to support the TOJTO cross-border business public service platform, to make this a great and successful project.
The day Mr. Oscar Tao arrived Shangrao was the Winter Solstice, at the next day he made the lecture, since the day he made the lecture, the sunlight time in a day started to grow.

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