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Users of Giganews can now access online storage service offered by Dump Truck and can use its drag and drop feature to upload different data files and store them securely as well.

Dump Truck Online Storage has been developed by Golden Frog to provide a safe online dump space for data. All the users of Giganews have access to this online storage service. This service comes free with a Giganews account and is very useful for storing pictures Cheap Jerseys China , documents and other files. Golden Frog mainly focuses on security and speed of this service, so it has used 256-bit SSL encryption for this service, making it very safe.

High-speed transfers

Dump Truck Online Storage brings the same speed, which users expect from Giganews and it also put forward simple interface with drag and drop feature to make uploading easier. Once you store your data using the online storage, you can access it from any place across the globe. The data is stored in a folder and subfolder structure Cheap Jerseys , so you can upload a complete folder at once, instead of uploading your files one after another.

Easily accessible from all browsers

No matter what browser or OS you are using, you can access this feature of Dump Truck Online Storage. The feature of WebDAV enables you to use third party applications, Windows Explorer and Mac OSX Finder to access Dump Truck account as a folder or drive. The upload queue is also available in an improved form, and now you can find the menu bar with the upload notification badge Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys , making it easy to upload files.

No limitation on file size

You can just click on the upload button to access the upload queue of Dump Truck Online Storage. There is no restriction on the file size of uploads, so you can upload big files as well. The transfer speed is also good, so you can maximize the download and upload speed when you transfer your files online. Third parties are also eliminated by this service, as they have their own servers and drivers to store your files.

No third party involved

Golden Frog is solely responsible for handling your data, once you upload it on Dump Truck Online Storage Wholesale Basketball Jerseys , as no third party is involved for storing data. As far as security is concerned Dump Truck make use of 256-bit encryption for downloads as well as uploads. Therefore, no third parties can gain access to the encrypted files. Other than these features many new features will be added to this online soon, so you should keep yourself updated with the latest features. Some of the features that will make its way into the online storage service include Android Apps and iOS, Mac Apps and Windows, Personal Encryption Key Wholesale NBA Jerseys , Private and Public Sharing.

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