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As the 2000 elections drew near new balance 574 hombre baratas , my family eagerly awaited the chance to cast our ballots for George W. Bush. Being from Texas, we felt a kindred spirit in Mr. Bush and believed his leadership could lead us out of what we felt were two wasted terms of presidential leadership under President Clinton.

Mr. Bush promised a return to conservatism, harkening back to the glory days of President Reagan. A ?new tone,? that's what was promised, and in this, President Bush has not disappointed. Unfortunately new balance 574 españa , a new tone is about all we've gotten.

Since 2001, President Bush has again and again reached out to the political left. Under the guise of the ?new tone,? President Bush has passed education legislation that has been arguably the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars and one of the biggest failures in public education. That's not surprising to conservatives, considering who designed the No Child Left Behind program. What was surprising was how quickly it was approved by the Bush Administration.

Since 2001, little has been done to staunch the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico, and their subsequent de-valuing of jobs typically held by blue-collar-working Americans. In fact new balance 574 baratas , nothing new has been offered by President Bush or Condi Rice who publicly denounced the rights of Americans to bear arms in protection of their borders (referring to the Minute Men Patriots).

Let's see, what else? Since 2001, there has been no traction towards building up America's energy independence. Healthcare reform, while off to a good start, has petered out. There has been no new action on the environment, unless one counts inaction. The war on terrorism new balance españa baratas , while seemingly working stateside, is far from being won and has resulted in longer lines at the airport, more debt relief required from the taxpayer's coffers to bail out failed airlines, and gas prices at near-record levels.

There's more, but the trend is obvious. What really broke the camel's back for me was this week's announcement that FEMA is going to reimburse charities and faith-based organizations for their contributions to hurricane Katrina relief. My family donated $300 to relief efforts, and two thirds of that was matched by our employers. Now we find out that the tax money we've had taken from us is going to be given to some of these same organizations.

A novel idea might be to give the money back to the people who donated it. I'm outraged that I've been double-dipped. If there is taxpayer money laying around enough to fund charities new balance baratas online , then there are clearly tax cuts that can be made somewhere. American relief efforts around the globe rely on the good-hearted people of this country. Having the government use what is forcibly taken from them via taxes for charity relief is not only misguided, but a slap in the face.

It's hard to say, but I'm through with President Bush. I've tried to stick with him through one anti-conservative activity after another. I don't agree with the Democrats, and their possible 2008 candidates scare the hell out of me, but I'm not thrilled with the way the Republican party is headed either. I can no longer in good conscience support this administration. Perhaps the most telling aspect of my disgust is the fact that I've even shut off my daily dose of Rush Limbaugh, opting instead to listen to soothing music rather than to Rush's attempts at justifying the Bush Administration's latest deed.

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