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Financial institutions argued that an unauthorized overdraft is usually a facility that has not been arranged in advance so they are entitled to charge a fee for this service which we consider bank charges fees. The fact is Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys , that the banks are actually charging the individuals for a number of years, under different names, which simple represent penalty charges to the customers. The banks terms and conditions declare that a charge shall be made if you break the terms of the arrangement like going overdrawn.

With the banks still operating a 3 day clearing system, it means that no we operate in a fast paced society of direct debits and standing orders Wholesale Basketball Jerseys , internet payments and buy now ?pay later schemes that allow the banks to have ample possibility to take in billions of pounds from bank charges fees.

It’s possible that some of us wonder why the banks in today’s world cannot operate a day of two or same day clearance system. The purpose is bank clients may have ample chance to understand our financial situation a lot easier and they could lose in two respects. They could lose interest on these payments and also the opportunity for people to dip into an unauthorized overdraft.

The banks have three arguments and these are we are recovering our costs, we use these bank charges to offer free banking to all, these are fees for a service our clients have requested. All these three arguments are fault. The truth is that banks never expected a bank customers?uprising on this bank charges problem. The uprising started by the internet and those that are not contented and chose to come together and hit the banks together. They were systematically drained of these bank charges as well as other service fees by customers getting a refund.

Banking institutions must only impose bank charges which are reflected and are in proportion with their actual costs of rectifying the breach of contract. Contract Law in the United Kingdom states that a breach of contract must only be put right with the losing party recovering their liquidated loses. A report by a Professor of Banking has estimated this cost between 2.50 pounds to 4.50 pounds bank charges and some way off the average of 35 pounds.

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