The challenge for brand marketers is how to

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Looking after your garden is extremely important. Not only does owning a good looking garden appear more pleasing to the eye Cheap Custom Soccer Jerseys , it is also a great talking point among friends, a great place to relax in the summer months, it can also add value to your home.

Many reasons are often overlooked for maintaining your garden so here are our top ten reasons:

appearance of your garden is probably one of the most important reasons to maintain your garden. An aesthetically pleasing garden will make you feel happier and provide you with great pride.

n overlooked by gardeners Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys , the garden can provide a great boost to your health, feeling generally happier and more relaxed the garden can provide a good oasis in your very home. Invite your friends and family to your beautiful garden!

st on the subject of health it is worth noting that maintaining your garden can help reduce stress levels substantially Not only will you feel more relaxed, but an untidy garden can actually add to stress levels in the same way that having an untidy home can. The way we live our life and our environment can have more effect on our health than eating or exercise can.

maintained garden more often than not adds to the value of your home. A presentable and tidy garden that has been looked after correctly can add hundreds if not thousands to your homes value. If your looking to sell your house Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale , a tidy garden is essential.

we mentioned above the maintained garden can provide a great talking point amongst friends, after all who would want to discuss their garden that has weeds growing everywhere or overgrown bushes.

maintained garden can provide a great social meeting place amongst your friends or colleagues. In particular in the summer months, it gives you the opportunity to have friends around maybe for a barbecue or maybe even a corporate meeting if you are a business man or woman.

garden will provide you with a great deal of pride in your work. Boosting your morale.

8.A well maintained garden will also boost your confidence knowing that all the time and effort spent on your garden has been worth while.

can also provide you with a great hobby to carry out in your spare time Cheap Soccer Jerseys From China , not only that but it can be a hobby for the whole family. Why not give the kids their own area in the garden to maintain, it will not only give them something fun to do but will also provide a great learning and bonding experience with your child.

lly for the more avid gardeners amongst your, you can enter your garden into competitions. Every year across the globe there are competitions in local towns and even national or international competitions. Why not show off your hard work to hundreds if not thousands of people. You can take great pride in knowing that your garden is up to competition standard and who knows you may even win a prize.
Facebook F8 Announcement Raises the Bar for Brands & Consumers - Part 4 Marketing Articles | October 27 Cheap Soccer Jerseys China , 2011
Having covered the major elements of the Facebook F8 announcements in parts one to three, (including the introduction of the user timeline, gestures and role of content at the heart of brand marketi...

Having covered the major elements of the Facebook F8 announcements in parts one to three Cheap Soccer Jerseys , (including the introduction of the user timeline, gestures and role of content at the heart of brand marketing through the social media platform), part four will analyse the increased role and importance of applications and open graph functionality for brand marketers.

In line with Facebook?s slight positioning shift to present a more tactile Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , cuddly and personality-rich commitment to its users (in fairness, Facebook has always presented itself as such; the announcements at F8 are more of an accentuation of its position); providing users with a timeline through which they can create and present more of a personalised scrap-book of their lives, the announcement that Facebook has launched a new version of open graph that will allow users to share whatever they are doing without overwhelming their friends is a further opportunity for brands to engage.

According to the announcement Cheap Replica Jerseys , there will be one permissions process right at the start of using an application for users. Having completed the initial permissions process, where users select whether the application is to be posted on their wall, or shared with friends (and accepting terms and conditions) Cheap Custom Jerseys , further interactions with the application will not require a repeat of the permissions process.

The information shared through the user will be subject to the evolutionary elements of the news feed as outlined in previous articles, with actions deemed less significant or relevant being shown in the new ticker and more significant or relevant actions being displayed within the top news feed.

The integration of applications within Facebook and specifically within user timelines is a key element of the new Facebook evolution. Facebook want applications to be at the heart of user activity (presumably in part because they offer significant opportunities to develop commercially beneficial partnerships with content providers such as Spotify).

The challenge for brand marketers is how to ensure their applications become part of a user?s everyday activities and integrate seamlessly into each user?s Facebook timeline, making it as easy as possible for the user to share that activity.

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