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I had fun with Toki Tori 2+. It bills itself as a Metroidvania thing, but it's more on the rs 07 gold puzzle y Metroid side than the hack and slash Castlevania side (I can't remember there being any combat, actually). The internet seems to think most people take around 10 hours to finish it.
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Multiple witnesses to the Sept. 14 incident heard gunshots, and the victim was seen on video retrieving an object from his car before walking toward the store, the memo said. Minutes later, the video showed the victim being pursued by people and retreating. He denied he had a gun and would not say how the conflict started or cooperate with the investigation beyond an initial statement, according to the memo.
Cruel Intentions is a '90s teen drama about a high schooler trying to have anal sex with his stepsister. (Yes, it is technically based on the 1988 historical drama Dangerous Liaisons which is based on a french stage play which is based on an 18th century book). But, at its core, Cruel Intentions is about two step siblings plotting to do the nasty.
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I support the Dolphins and that means I support Tony Sparano. Mistakes will be made on both sides. It just too bad this week we made more than they did. Things are crazy. We will beat Pittsburgh, New England will beat Houston, Oakland will beat Baltimore, Cleveland will beat Jacksonville, and Cincinnati will beat the Jets.

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