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What is it that makes some people successful and some others unsuccessful Bobby Orr Bruins Jersey , mediocre or right down failures? What is the difference? Is it heredity? Is it self determination? In my effort to answer this question, I would like to separate people in these two groups. The successful ones I call 'the silly, lucky few?, the not so successful I call the 'too smart for their own good many?. The first group are the ones who are silly enough to go looking for peanuts and in the process they stumble across the treasure that makes them successful. The second group are too smart than to waste time looking for peanuts and of course never come across the secret to success. In order to demonstrate my point I will draw a parallel from the world of psychotherapy. The primary assumption there is this. The psychopathic individual's greatest obstacle to rehabilitation is the inability to form and maintain social relationships. All psychotherapy is, is the attempt to form a functional and satisfying client-therapist relationship. During this process the client learns the social skills of, respect for another David Pastrnak Bruins Jersey , accountability, self respect etc. All these skills can eventually make the client better equipped to form other relationships in his or her life, in order to help in overcoming their psychopathic antisocial behaviors. One might say that forming just one relationship and that with a paid therapist is peanuts. And yet this is the practice field where the client will find the skills to be better adjusted in the future.

The client-therapist relationship is the peanuts. The learning of the skills is the treasure. This is the model that I see at work in contrasting successful and not so successful people. The successful ones are those who have gone for the peanuts. They have some interest, some passion that appears ridiculous to be spending time, money and energy on. To the average person it would appear silly to go into great pains in order to develop to great perfection a passion like collecting stamps or surfing like a pro or just about anything you can think of. And yet, it is the people who go after such ?peanuts? that find the real treasure. In their pursuit of perfecting their passion Brad Marchand Bruins Jersey , they stumble across the real treasure. They develop self discipline, self reliance, the ability to motivate themselves, all the skills that are needed to be successful in any pursuit they undertake. Of course you might say, ?I have missed that boat, I never had a passion like that Tuukka Rask Bruins Jersey , I always considered it a waste of time to pursue anything like that?. Well, do not despair, there is always time to improve yourself. There are many methods of self improvement. Just find the one that suits you the best and go after it until you develop it to perfection.

Any method is good because it is not the method that is the ?peanuts?. It will be what the pursuit of that method will teach you that is the real treasure.

One of my favorite museums is the Norton Simon, located almost exactly where the annual Rose Parade begins, in Pasadena, California.

The collection is small and selective Patrice Bergeron Bruins Jersey , and it includes life size outdoor sculptures and works by the major players in art history.

Two paintings are especially enjoyable, hanging as they are on opposite walls, the figures seeming to be in constant eye contact with each other. They're the artist, Rembrandt, in a self-portrait, and his son Jake DeBrusk Youth Jersey , Titus.

I've gazed at these works, perhaps a hundred times, but the other day, I saw something new: worry or fear or even paranoia in the elder Rembrandt's eyes.

What did he have to be worried about? While many painters never achieved renown in their day, and had to die before their works could fetch a pretty penny, I believe Rembrandt did enjoy the support of patrons.

Still Charlie McAvoy Youth Jersey , it seems, peering into his eyes, that he's preoccupied.

Perhaps, he's thinking, ?I shouldn't be taking this time to paint myself, for which there is no market Tim Schaller Youth Jersey , when I could be painting my patrons, and be paid for it!?

Testing the thesis that self-portraitists are stealing time for themselves, I looked at other artists? self-representations, and saw a similar insecurity.

Apart from the truth or merit in this inference, there is something to be said for great art, which commends it to us Torey Krug Youth Jersey , over hundreds and even thousands of years.

You can see it again and again, and always find something new in it!

Maybe a nice re-packaged way to extend sales and audience?
J Beck’s free and clear real estate system. It’s a good program for tax sale investing. This is well written, detailed. Under 20 bucks. However, the additional information on available property is a recurring monthly bill just under $40 and there are crazy complaints about the back end support being about trying to sign folks up for mentoring. Not bait and switch David Krejci Youth Jersey , but borderline.

Jack Bosch’s land profit generator. This is updated land profit formula. Basically, it’s a different take on buying deeds on property coming up for tax sale foreclosure.. The issue is that you still have to find an end buyer to cash out. Unless. Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Sports Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Shop Wholesale MLB Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Soccer Jerseys From China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys

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